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    • The New Super Sponge (version 2.0) | My Honest Review

      Nearly a year ago I posted an OG review about the then brand new super sponge. It was the version 1 and if you hadn't read the review, I was not impressed. A few months ago, they decided to release a version 2 which I was able to try out over the last few months. To recap what I mentioned in the past review, "Super Sponge is supposedly the new best thing since the beauty blender. It has been in process of development for two years and is basically like a beauty blender, but the top 2/3 is silicone-infused. Why? Because they claim the silicone allows for less makeup absorbance into the sponge which also means it's easier to clean." The sponge I have is the OG Super Sponge, the purple, and the new teal super sponge to show you the comparison of version 1 and 2. The new one is slightly bigger and much softer to the touch. The new sponge is selling at $19.99 (and scroll down for a coupon code!) which is also cheaper than version 1. I was so skeptical on trying version 2 after having awful results on the original super sponge. So I got it in the mail and I knew I wanted to try it and just know right away if I was going to be impressed or hate it. First off, the package is so cute. From the box the sponge came in to the actual product packaging, it truly feels like the quality has been stepped up. The product used to come in just a sealable ziplock-like bag with a handheld scrubber which was pretty flimsy. Now the super sponge comes in the plastic box you see above and at the bottom is a scrubber. I find this perfect for when you travel because you can keep the sponge clean and protected. The reason I was originally drawn to the Super Sponge was specifically for the fact that it was easy to clean and due to the silicone coating at the top, it does not gather bacteria easily. I can tell you from experience that if I don't keep regular cleaning from my normal beauty blenders and Real Techniques Sponge, they start to get black spots over time due to the bacteria and then I need to toss them out. So the base is for just that cleaning. After I finish applying my makeup, I take about 10 seconds to just scrub the sponge with its base and a tiny bit of soap and its spotless once again. The base can then be used for drying. SO, how is the makeup application? I was so nervous to try it because if you read the review about version 1, all the makeup would gather in my pores around my t-zone and then on my nose if I tried to pat it away, it would just end up removing my makeup. How does this apply? I patted my makeup a few times and those dots appeared so I was terrified, but after a few more pats it all blended out so smoothly. As I mentioned, I've tested this out over the last 2 months. During this time I had very oily skin and then got put on Accutane which meant I was also trying it on dry skin or with major lotioned up skin. I've tried it with my die-hard ColourPop Hylauronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer but also my high-coverage It Cosmetics Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream, with and without primer. Regardless of how I applied, those dots of foundation gathering in my pores appear and scare me but then don't give up and pat a few more days and it just smoothes it all out. Another statement they claim is that you can use less foundation than you normally would. I usually use about 3 peas (a very visual reference) of foundation on each cheek and my forehead. When I use the super sponge, I can usually get just 1-2 peas on each area. When you have pricey makeup, or even drugstore makeup, any way you can save money, I bet you want to. Like I said as well, as soon as I finish my makeup, I'll just go to my sink and quickly "brush" out the sponge with its scrubber base and it gets all the makeup out. I will admit I haven't used out the bottom of the sponge yet, but I haven't felt the need to. It's suppose to just smooth out and perfect any needed areas but I love the application and finish of the silicone area. With that said, I tested out applying my makeup with every part of the sponge just to see how it will clean and I have been so impressed too. It took off nearly everything minus a bit on the bottom sponge side. You can see in the picture the bottom is covered in foundation with some on the silicone top too. After cleaning there's just two areas that are a little more dirty and along where the silicone area meets the bottom. Conclusion So overall thoughts.... I love this sponge and I recommend it to anyone. It is such an upgrade from version 1, so if you were skeptical of the first or tried it and didn't like it, give it another chance. I definitely recommend it. • Cleans very easily with great cleaning tool • Compact with its scrubber base and box • Blends makeup very well despite using full coverage or tinted moisturizers • Silicone area helps for chances of bacteria buildup PLUS, good news is, if you're interested in the sponge, use code SANDY25 for 25% off! I do not receive any compensation if you use the code and all opinions are absolutely my own. I just wanted to give you an update on the sponge since I genuinely love it and I wanted my lovely readers to be sure they can afford this sponge.

    • The Super Sponge | My Honest Review

      As a disclaimer, this post is about The Super Sponge version 1, I have a review for the Super Sponge version 2 found here! Super Sponge is supposedly the new best thing since the beauty blender. It has been in process of development for two years and is basically like a beauty blender, but the top 2/3 is silicone-infused. Why? Because they claim the silicone allows for less makeup absorbance into the sponge which also means it's easier to clean. It has been on preorder for a few months now, meaning you could get it at a discounted price of $19.95 instead of $29. I was so excited to try this out after a few good reviews by popular makeup artists on YouTube, but that excitement died rather rapidly. I first opened it and read the back of the pack and instructions on the website. It said to wet the sponge, keeping the non-silicone part down as you squeeze out excess water. Easy, just like the beauty blender. I applied my primer and then got started. It then says to use the silicone-infused section to apply the makeup in a gliding motion. It seemed weird, but I'm open for something new. I soon realized it caused slight streaks in certain areas, but other areas such as my forehead did look pretty good. The major problems occured on my nose and my cheeks. All of the foundation was getting gathered in my pores, having very obvious dots of makeup-filled pores on me. Ew..... The instructions online say to use the back to the sponge (the non-silicone area,or the perfector and eraser side) to perfect the makeup once you had applied it. Well, this caused my makeup to come off. I had to go to work and decided to just use my normal brush and fix it all, but those dots would not come off without excessive force. Now you might be thinking, Sandy, you didn't apply your primer well enough or your sponge was too wet. Okay, fair point. I tried it on Day 2. The next day, I chose to wait for my moisturizer to properly dry and I did not apply any primer, just to give it a fair chance. I also made sure to remove all the excess water very well. Maybe my makeup won't last as long, but at least there's an even application. Welp, same thing happened. The dots on my nose were even worse. The cheeks were maybe a tad better, but the light streaks were still apparent. I followed the instructions and used the rounded side to pat it all in and perfect my look. Well, it sure did perfect the look of obvious pores. I can say this quite honestly, I will not be using this sponge again, much less buy one again. I was really looking forward to using a new sponge and it all sounded amazing. I have not tried cleaning it yet, so maybe it does clean well, but my foundation looks terrible so it's not worth a good clean. If you guys have any tips on how to use the sponge, surely comment them down below and perhaps I will change my mind about the sponge. For now, there's no way I can continue using it. My trusty Real Techniques Sponge is the way to go.

    • Why You Need Blue Light Glasses

      If you've ever heard of blue light glasses but have not tried them, you may not know of the benefits that come with wearing these. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, sit tight, and learn. If we're going into the science, blue light is a type of visible light spectrum that has a short wavelength meaning it is a high energy wavelength. Blue light is found in a lot of areas, most commonly talked about today is from the many devices we use, however, the sun contains this wavelength as well. In the human body, blue light alerts the body that it is daytime by suppressing melatonin and in turn waking up the body. This is also why the use of devices at night can disrupt your sleep schedule. In addition, digital devices can cause eye strain, something I've been experiencing in the last two weeks. Due to the type of wavelength of blue light and it being high-energy, this causes the eyes to not easily focus and when looking at screens a lot and being exposed to blue light every day (which is unlikely to avoid), it can hurt the retina and cause eye strain. The retina is the back portion of the eye that is highly sensitive to the eye. Using glasses that block out blue light can help protect the retina in the long run. New research says that this damage to the retina can also cause vision loss over time. As I mentioned, I've experienced eye strain for the last two weeks. How it feels is like I have to blink more than normal and in a strange way, it feels like I need to "stretch" my eyes because they feel almost sore. It's truly a hard sensation to describe. I had a pair of blue light glasses when I was younger but never really used them, so I decided to finally start wearing them again. They have helped so much. On days I wake up automatically feeling like my eyes are "sore", I wear my glasses all day. Other days that are busier or if I'm at one of my jobs at a cafe, wearing glasses is harder. I usually end up wearing my glasses if I have a night class or any time I'm working on my computer later at night, I always wear my glasses. I also notice working on computers at night keeps me feeling energized yet my eyes feel exhausted. In my opinion, wearing glasses to prevent temporary eye strain, lessen my risk for permanent risks in the future, I will gladly wear my glasses. It's a fix for those who currently experience eye strain and prevention for those who haven't or don't want to damage their eyes in the long-run. The glasses tend to be ever so slightly yellow-tinted in order to cancel out the blue light, however, this tint is barely noticeable. If you guys are curious about what glasses I have, I found my fav two-pack on Amazon for less than $20 or this pair for $15. The fit is nice as it's not oversized and swallowing my face and not too small that it looks like they're children sizes. Since it has two glasses as well, I keep one in my backpack (for class) at all times and one at home that I can carry with me outside at home if I'd like as well. I hope I informed you guys of the effects of blue light and that you try a pair for yourself. If you have any more information or experience with these glasses, please comment them down below! I'd love to acquire new knowledge on this topic.

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