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  • What is Habit Stacking & Ideas to Start

    One of my favorite things is habit stacking. Essentially this means taking things that are already a habit to you or you do without thinking, such as brushing your teeth, doing your skincare, or going to the bathroom, and adding a second habit to the routine. That way if you're struggling to do Habit B, you know that anytime you do Task A, you'll now incorporate Task B. Slowly it becomes second nature like the first task and you can then add on Task C if you choose to. This method allows you to take advantage of something that is so deeply ingrained in your brain and take advantage of it by incorporating something new that will be equally ingrained in your brain soon enough. But remember to take it slow. Don't start right away by adding 3 new different habit stacking or stacking in 3 new habits because they likely won't stick. Start slow and once you start to do those items without thinking about it, you can start to add more. I actually love habit stacking and would love to create a whole collection of posts on different things I do to habit stack, how I built each, the advantage of each one, and taking a deeper look into each of them. Some of the things I do now are things that I've struggled to always do until I started to stack my habits, or are some I am trying out. Comment below if you'd be interested! But in the meantime, here is a list of the things I habit stack and some other ideas of things you could start to incorporate. Things I do Brush Teeth -> Squats Shower water warning up -> Calf raises Do AM skincare -> Take supplements Get to work -> Fill up water bottles for the day and take more supplements Eating breakfast -> Plan out food for the day Driving -> Listen to a podcast Other Ideas Before you go to sleep > Lay out your workout clothes for the next day Wake up > Drink a glass of water Get out of bed > Stretch for 2 minutes Open your curtains > Meditate for 1 minute Get in bed > Write your to-do list for the next day

  • The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

    I am a sucker for gym clothes. I have an entire drawer full of leggings, another full of sports bras, and I'm really starting to run out of space. But what can I say? I love cute gym clothes and it takes a couple of purchases to figure out the best leggings for leg day, ones cute that you won't squat in, and ones comfortable and supportive enough for a day running errands. I love it, so over time I've truly found ones that I will end up buying every color of because I am HOOKED. Below are my favorite leggings that are affordable and 100% worth it. OMKAGI Women Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Seamless High Waisted Workout Yoga Pants I love these leggings so much. They are genuinely so comfortable squat-proof, and they automatically sinch your butt and make your butt look so good. I have worn these on leg days, to go on walk, and I love them. They sell in a bunch of colors and in solid colors as well. These run true to size so I would get what you typically wear! AUROLA Workout Leggings for Women Seamless Scrunch Tights Tummy Control Gym Fitness Girl Sport Active Yoga Pants These leggings suck you in so well, the compression is really tight. These also sinch the butt but they don't show all the extra scrunch in fabric so they look a little bit more natural. The fabric is of such good quality, absolutely squat proof, and you bet I will be buying more colors of this. Due to the compression, you may need to size up for this one, particularly if you don't like things to be so tight or if you could be between sizes, but I stuck with my usual size and I feel very comfortable in them. Oasis PureLuxe High-Waisted 7/8 Legging Okay, these leggings are hands down my favorite weekend leggings. I have 3 of them and I am obsessed and need to make sure I have some readily available in my rotation. They have a bit of compression which makes me feel good even when I am in a crop top with them just around the city, but not too much where I feel like I can't breathe or struggle to get them off just to get to the bathroom when I wear them throughout the day. I am short hence why I choose the 7/8ths and I genuinely think it's so cute when we see a little ankle on people. They are the perfect balance of everything you would want which is why I always feel so comfortable in them as a cozy outfit with a sweatshirt, I can feel cute with a crop top on, and I can still wear them at the gym. You NEED these ones as your go-to wear anywhere basic pair. I absolutely love finding new leggings so if any of you have your own recommendations, drop your suggestions down below and I will give them a try and review them on my TikTok!

  • Amazon's Early Black Friday Deals are Here and I Have My Eye on These Items

    Amazon's Black Friday Deals is one of the things I look forward to because it's that time you can finally splurge on something you've been contemplating for a while or treat someone to something you love and find it on sale right before the holidays. I've looked through pages upon pages of the deals and here are the items I will be purchasing or re-purchasing as gifts. Computer Stand I have one of these computer stands for my home and one at work and I love them. It truly makes spending hours on the computer much more comfortable and if you have a monitor, it helps you have the screens closer to the same level which is also a benefit. Chair Cushion If you spend hours on at a desk, you're going to want one of these chair cushion duos. I noticed that I started getting back pain from sitting at work all day and I finally got one of these and it helped so much. I already don't always sit well so I've tried to be more conscious and having these cushions has truly helped me sit not only sit correctly but also have a better posture and relieve some pressure on my back at work. Car Phone Stand If you don't already have a phone stand, get one. Especially if you use maps often on your phone, you're going to want one to drive safely. In my car, I also can never make my phone hold if I use a stand that holds in the vents, so having the option to suction to the dashboard is crucial. Solar Powered Rechargeable Charger I have always wanted one of these solar-powered rechargeable chargers because when you're on the go, it's so easy to find yourself with low battery, and getting access to the car charger isn't always possible and we all know that takes so long to see a significant charge. These are fantastic too because if you keep it out, you don't even need to remember to charge it because it's solar powered! You bet I am getting one of these this year. Phone Stabilizer & Tripod If you are into photography or trying to start taking your content creation to the next level, this phone stand and stabilizer tripod is a no-brainer. This tripod is small and perfect to throw in your bag. It is able to sense faces or movement to move the camera according to the subject you are trying to videotape and can keep the camera stable if you have a shaky hand. This one will be one I will be purchasing for sure as well. Renpho Smart Scale If you are starting your fitness journey and looking for a great scale, this is mine and I have loved it for the last 3 years. It pairs with an app on your smartphone and shows various biometric measures so if looking at the scale scares you, I love this scale because it can read my bone mass, muscle mass, water percentage and so much more. This has helped me so much because when I see the scale go up but I notice my body fat percentage go down and my muscle mass go up, I get so excited. JBL Speaker If you don't already have a speaker, I urge you to get one. I think everyone should have one really good speaker ready for them at home. Whether you're hanging out with friends and you're wanting to play some music, you're going to a party and someone can't find their speaker or your roommate's speaker dies during game night and you've got yours ready to go (aka us last week), you want one. JBL has a lot of speakers on sale right now at a huge discounted price so make sure to grab yours this holiday! SodaStream The last thing I recommend, but by far the least is a Sodastream. I got mine as a present about 2 years ago and I love it so much. I love sparkling water and ever since I got one I make so much of it. Not only can you drink sparkling water, but you can buy various drops to add to the water (SodaStream brand or not), you can make your own sodas with it, or even create sparkling water to use in your at-home cocktails. Over time I have bought more bottles and a few more oxygen tanks so that I can swap them out and refill them in a timely manner but up to you which SodaStream "package" you would like!

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