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    • What are BCAAs and Do You Need Them?

      If you're starting in your fitness journey, you may have heard of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) which is the combination of 3 different essential amino acids: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. BCAAs are given their name because they have branched-structure which is found in high protein foods. BCAAs are burned during high-intensity training and at the end of long-distance events due to particularly L-Leucine, which helps increase work capacity and due to their protein aspect, they help with muscle building. How they work is they help your body preserve glycogen, which is the main form of fuel used by muscles. So what are their benefits? BCAAs have been found to increase muscle growth due to their ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, however, should not be taken instead of protein-rich foods or whey protein as these kinds of foods contain all nine of the amino acids rather than just the 3 present in BCAAs. By increasing your muscle growth, you can help your body become leaner as your body will therefore burn more calories due to the increase of muscle on your body in addition to being helpful for those looking to start bodybuilding, requiring the maintaining of muscle mass while become more After exercise, particularly new or strenuous exercises, you may experience soreness. BCAAs can help with the soreness as well due to their ability to decrease muscle damage. There have been studies suggesting that this could be due to the BCAAs decreasing protein breakdown that occurs while exercising. In the same idea, since BCAAs are used during exercise, your BCAAs in your blood decrease resulting in your brain releasing a chemical causing fatigue. BCAAs can help your mental focus by decreasing your fatigue effect from low BCAAs during exercise. The reason why BCAAs are loved is the fact that it helps you body sustain muscle and help them safeguard, meaning you're likely to get more out of you workouts. They help as an energy source, meaning you can perform better during your workouts, build your muscles, and stay lean, with the benefit of protecting your muscles from soreness. To ensure you're getting a quality BCAAs, ensure there is a higher ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine. My favorite BCAA is by Kaged Muscle as they have a 2:1:1 ratio and are vegan and non-allergenic source so I never worry about the potentially dangerous or questionable ingredients included in their mix. So when should you be consuming your BCAAs? If you're using your BCAAs to optimize performance and muscle growth, you should be drinking them before your workouts as a form of pre-workout. It has also been shown to give athletes an extra boost in their workout when drinking it throughout the workout. In fact, for those with an endomorphic body type, drinking your BCAAs throughout the workout may be the best period to do so. BCAAs can also be used post-workout to further improve muscle protein synthesis. For those looking to build their muscles, taking BCAAs prior to working out may be the best period to reduce muscle breakdown throughout the exercise if you're doing so in a fasted state, however otherwise post-workout may be the best option. In the end, BCAAs have great benefits for the body, and when you should be taking them depends entirely on your goals, timing, your consumption, and the duration of your workouts as well.

    • My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Experience

      Let's just get right to the point. I want clear skin. I mean who doesn't. So I decided in February 2020 that I wanted to get on Accutane. Background A little bit of background on my skin. I've never had too bad of acne after 5/6th grade. It was never perfect but it was never a huge concern of mine. Fast forward 2 years ago, starting my first year of college, my skin decided to go crazy on me. I decided to start tracking my skin through pictures and I had terrible acne around my chin start in March 2018. Then a year later in March 2019, my chest started to fully break out in what seemed out of nowhere and this completely worsened in January of this year (2020). I was OVER IT. I take my skincare seriously but just nothing ever worked. I've been put on on so many prescription drugs, antibiotics, and tropicals, I've basically tried anything you could. I even decided to use more natural methods like cutting out dairy entirely and using natural ingredients like tea tree oil. Nothing worked. So in February, I decided to find a new dermatologist as I had given up on my old one about 6 months ago. I then made a whole list of things I have tried (which was just depressing to see at the end) just in case the dermatologist wanted to prescribe me more. I mean who knows what kind of resilience to antibiotics I have built up over time. First Appointment & iPledge On March 16, 2020, I had my first appointment at the dermatologist and her last sentence to me basically sums it up: "You've exhausted an impressive list of things". So she told me Accutane was the last thing I should try, and to my relief, I didn't have to "beg" her myself to be on it. I should tell you that I am absolutely terrible with needles. I swear, I have PTSD from a situation with a doctor when I had the swine flu and now I can't stand shots and blood tests. To my luck, my dermatologist did things a little differently. During that appointment, I peed in a cup to ensure that as a female, I was not pregnant as Accutane can cause serious birth defects if you are pregnant a month before, during, or up to a month after (I was in the clear). Most others I hear get their blood tested for this step. I then received the booklet of information from iPledge which is a program you must enroll in where you promise you won't get pregnant during your time on Accutane and use two types of birth control methods. For all the females concerned, Accutane has no risk for you or any future children as long as you do not get pregnant before a month after your last pill is taken. The next day, I got a call saying that I was indeed not pregnant and that they would enroll me in iPledge and I could sign in afterward to complete registration. I then waited 30 days to get back in for April 16, 2020. Second Appointment & Getting Accutane On April 16th, I had my second appointment. This appointment was very quick. I once again peed in a cup to verify I wasn't pregnant and then the doctor just told me some of the effects Accutane could cause and what some of her recommendations. After this, I was set to pick up my prescription. Before anytime you pick up your monthly dose of Accutane, you must answer some questions on the iPledge website to make sure you know what you're doing. These questions are very easy such as are you allowed to become pregnant on Accutane and what kind of contraceptive you use. Once you answer them, you have a week to pick up your prescription. I had some issues picking up my prescription. For one, Accutane is very expensive and I was not prepared as to how much. Obviously, this depends on your insurance, but with my insurance, if I had picked it up like originally planned at CVS, I would have paid $275. Not at all what I had in mind. I then learned that if you pick it up at different pharmacies, prices vary. My mom and I never knew this but this is valid for any prescription. We then transferred the medication to a Safeway/Vons Pharmacy and it was $175 with a discount we found on GoodRX. I highly recommend going on the site and entering your prescription and dosage (mine is 2 pills of 40mg) along with your store and you can find some pretty good discounts. A friend of mine also on Accutane found a local pharmacy that had cheaper prices and with her insurance, she paid between $5-30 depending on the brand of Accutane she got. So be prepared for the price but if you find a local pharmacy and your insurance helps you out, this can be a great thing for you. I, therefore, got on Accutane 3 days later. Month 1 on Accutane Before I officially got on Accutane, I chose to do some preventative measures in hopes to help reduce the amount of dryness. I have a separate post on what I did prior to getting on Accutane along with going in-depth on my side effects and my routines and changes during this first month. Overall though, I started getting dry in only a few areas during the first week and I tried to moisturize whenever possible. I am prone to sunburns too, and whether or not you are, you NEED to wear sunscreen every day. Even if I stayed inside all day, (which I started this Accutane journey during a quarantine so it was easier to stay inside a lot) I still have a window right at my side. The reason I mention I sunburn easily and am used to it is that I basically treated my skin as if I was spending a week at the lakehouse my family usually goes to every year. Moisturize like crazy every night to replenish my skin, wear sunscreen every day, and a higher SPF and a hat if I go directly in the sun, and moisturize my skin in the morning as well. At the end of month 1, I started having a small "purge" but nothing major. The last symptom was occasionally having signs of a bloody nose when I'd apply oil in it with a Q-tip, however, it never turned to actual bloody noses, I'd manage them before they became a "big" deal and I'd never notice if it wasn't for moisturizing my nostrils. Month 2 on Accutane I started month 2 with a blood test to ensure I was staying healthy and there were no major issues since being on Accutane. I also did my required monthly pregnancy test and iPledge questions. Now as far as my skin, my purge continued but it wasn't anything major like how my acne was before I got on Accutane. It was mostly just acne on my T-zone. With that said, all my side effects almost completely went away on Month 2. My arms and scalp were no longer itchy, my face had not had a dry spot since the start of Month 1, and the rest of my face was getting clear. I had some redness on my arms and face towards thee and of the month, By the end of Month 2, I was getting compliments about how clear my skin looked. The main issue in month 2 was getting the medication. They had sent the prescription to the wrong pharmacy which causes a major delay in my getting the medication which resulted in my not getting the medication for about 4 days. I would strongly recommend checking in with your dermatologist and the pharmacy as early as possible to make sure the prescription is ready and at the right location. Month 3 on Accutane I started off the month with the usual pregnancy test plus iPledge questions and getting the prescription was a breeze. My face was still getting rid despite rarely being in the sun and applying sunscreen, however, I am quite fair and Accutane thins out your skin so even walking a few blocks to work could be the culprit. My face was never dry visually however by the end of the night I would feel my skin getting a little tight around my mouth. That was usually when I would decide to wash my face for the night and apply moisturizer. I have kept up the same skin routine from the start so I will dedicate an entire blog post to my skincare routine while on Accutane here. The major symptom this month was my upper arms being dry and having dry spots to the touch, however, they were not itchy and barely visual (unless I pointed them out). The tops of my hands get irritated here and there as well and very try so I attempt to remember to wear hand lotion as much as I can. The last thing is that my arms are scratch up so easily, likely due to my thinning skin during this time. I can itch myself a little too much and I end up being scratched so I am pretty careful about that. Month 4 on Accutane During this check-in my dermatologist let me know she thought that I would more likely be on Accutane for just 5 months, meaning I had just 2 months to go at this point. My face had remained cleared and my back was only a minor issue but it cleared it all out too. The day before the appointment I started to get a rash on my chest which at first worried me as it looked mildly like when I would get an outburst of acne in that area, but it went away entirely after about 3 days which therefore was confirmed to very likely just be my body's response to Accutane or the dryness linked to it. I think month 4 was the month I saw the most dryness. My upper arms were pretty dry the entire month, sometimes visible as it got a little red on those dry patches but other times no one would even notice. My arms would also get itchier and I noticed it got particularly itchy if I had a bit too much sun or I had a tight long sleeve around them. The best thing I found was to use the anti-itch cream I had been using and in the shower, I would use the shampoo on my arms as well as it was formulated for major itchy and dry scalp. My hands stopped being so dry during this month which was positive. My nose still never actually had a bloody nose but there were a lot of times I got lazy with my coconut oil in my nose to moisturize it that I would notice a bit of blood on my Q-Tip but I seemed to always resolve the issue before it really became anything. Other than this, no dryness on my face but once again, I was very good about staying on top of my skincare routine. Month 5 & 6 on Accutane As usual at the start of both of the appointments, I would take the pregnancy test, and once cleared, they would give me my prescription. Both my last months were so much easier. The only thing in terms of symptoms was my upper arms becoming very dry and you could definitely see the dry patches on them if I didn't properly lotion or if I didn't reapply through the day, but my body was never itchy due to dryness. My nose was still dry and I would notice it particularly in the mornings but I would add the same oil and it would be fine. My skin remained cleared too, no other breakouts/rashes on my chest, it was honestly the easiest of the months. On my last appointment, they also let me know that my skin was responding super well to the medication and that it would in fact be my last month. I took the rest of my pills as normal and I didn't have to go back to the dermatologist after the last of my dosages. 3-Months Post-Accutane I am now 3 months post-Accutane and I am so happy with my skin. I rarely have any breakouts and when I do, they are super small and usually around my mouth which I think is due to the masks I wear during these Covid-19 times. My arms have remained quite dry but it isn't noticeable. I try to remember after I shower to lotion them up but I will be honest and say I often forget. Other than that, I've noticed my nose is very slight stuffy most mornings. I talked to my friend who was on it as well and who finished a few months before me and she mentioned it was the same for her. I think it's the body still trying to compensate for being dry for so long, but it usually goes away on its own and it's only caused me to actually blow my nose a few days. The one thing I do love is my clear skin and I still don't need to wash my hair too fast. Prior to Accutane, I could get away without washing my hair for 4-5 days as it was trained, I am back to that and glad. Overall Thoughts Honestly, Accutane was a great experience for me. I'm not sure if it was the preventative measures I took, perhaps doing it over the summer so it's hotter and in theory sweatier, or if my body agreed with it more, but I would definitely do it over if I had to. I definitely skipped a few pills here and there but it didn't have much of an effect on me, the worse I got was the itchiness on my arms and scalp mostly in the beginning and then the dryness on my upper arms caught up to me by the end. I've heard that for some people Accutane can wear off almost and later in life you may need to do it again, and don't get me wrong, it would suck if I had to do it again, but I'd also do it over in a heartbeat if it means clear skin again in a time where I could break out constantly again.

    • Jumping Rope Benefits + Free Jump Rope Workouts

      Let's get right to the point, you need a jump rope, it's going to be your new best friend. Ask for one for your birthday or Christmas. Need a stocking stuffer for a beginner workout buddy or your avid gym-goer friend? Get them a jump rope. I absolutely swear by a good jumping rope routine. Why? There are incredible benefits to it. I love adding in a jump rope sesh to my client's workout routines because it's just that good. Benefits Price First of all, if you don't already have one, they are incredibly cheap. I love this one because it's less than $10, has a good and comfortable grip, plus you can shorten the jump rope as you need (#ShortGirlProblems). With that said, there are so many good ones out there and you don't need to get a fancy one. If you've been jumping rope for years there are weighted and tech-implemented options, but you definitely do not need this to get in an amazing workout. If You're Doing it, You're Doing it Right Next, onto the health side of fitness, there are so many benefits. For one, most anyone can jump rope. It does not require you to have a certain form, and therefore you do not have to worry about doing it the "wrong" way. If you're jumping, you're doing it right. Practicality & High Cardio Next, it is one of the best cardio options out there in which you can easily do from home, at the gym, outside, or practically anywhere (you can even throw it in your suitcase when you leave town!). Did you know in an hour of jumping rope you can burn 1000+ calories? In fact, jumping rope compares to running at a rate of 8mph. It also burns about 30% faster calories than treadmills, 60% more than high impact aerobics, 135% more than resistance training, and those percentages keep getting higher depending on what you do. What that means is that just 15-20 minutes of jumping rope can outweigh a lot of options you have if you want to keep in shape, making it one of the best choices for aerobic conditioning. Less Stress on the Body Another great thing about jumping rope is that it is actually much less stressful on your Central Nervous System (CNS) than other forms of interval training you can do. It also poses less stress on your muscles and connective tissue too. In addition, due to the muscles developed and the strength gained in your feet and ankle joints over time, you are decreasing your chances of injuries in both of those areas, a particularly great benefit for those who play other sports. Other Benefits Need some more convincing? Not only does it burn a high amount of calories making it a time-efficient activity with less stress on your body, but it also tones your entire body and creates lean muscles in all major muscle groups. It also helps you with your overall cardio, endurance, agility, coordination, and fat-burning. As you jump rope, you will be able to be faster with your feet, and if you choose, start doing tricks with the jump rope to entertain yourself and in turn, develop further coordination. The more you jump rope and develop your health and stamina through conditioning, the better you'll become with your breathing as well, meaning other aerobic exercises such as running or swimming will appear easier and you'll feel out of breath less often. So what I'm saying is, the more you jump rope, the better you'll be both a jumping rope, but also in all other aspects of your fitness or non-fitness life. PLUS, did I mention it's FUN?! I'd much rather jump rope than do many other forms of cardiovascular exercises. The Workouts So how should you jump rope? If you're just starting out, I recommend following a good interval training format which you can slowly improve every week as you get better. If you're feeling up for it, after you're interval training, do your own thing with your jump rope until you hit a 20 minute-timed workout. I usually love trying new tricks, see how long I can go without taking a break, or just challenging myself in different ways. It's your workout, so make it fun for you. Cardio First-Timers 30-second jump rope 1-minute break Repeat x6 A Little Challenge 45-second jump rope 45-second break Repeat x6 You Love Jumping Rope 1-minute jump rope 30-second break Repeat x5

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      Monthly Workout Plan Designed for you 3-4 Workouts Per Week Weekly & Monthly Check-Ins Custom to Your Progress Designed To Your Equipment 4-Weeks Long Plan $90 ➡ $50 This 4-week custom workout plan is built around your own progress done and your equipment accessibility. With 3-4 workouts a week targeted towards your goals, you're getting the very best. ​ Sandy Baudoux received her CPT through ISSA in December 2020. She works with individuals of all levels and ages but loves to help young adults pave their way for a healthy fitness journey. Start Today

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