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You Need A Foreo Luna Now

I bought the Foreo Luna nearly a year ago and I am never going back. I had used a Clarisonic Mia since the original came out YEARS ago. I was probably in middle school? Anyways, Clarisonic did me good but over time I was tired of changing the brush head for pricey replacements and I was always concerned about how much accumulation could be on the brush head since I keep it in my bathroom. I had terrible acne and I decided to swap out the tool for the Foreo Luna, which I bought from Amazon specifically so that I could return it if things went south.

Foreo has different versions and models but I specifically chose the Foreo Luna 2, priced at $170, and I genuinely found more benefits in the 2nd version than the 3rd. Version 2 has different models whether you have oily, combination, sensitive, normal skin, or one labeled men. The bristles are shaped differently so that it fits your skin's needs. On the back of the brush is designed to help with anti-aging as the pulsations help massage the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkle-prone areas.

The brush has two modes, cleansing mode which is a harsher and anti-aging mode which is softer. I love this too because if you find the first mode to be too harsh for cleansing, you can always swap to the lesser vibration for your sensitive skin.

In order to charge the Foreo Luna 2, you just plug in the included USB cable. I have had this for 6 months now and I have had to charge it only 3 times so far. It lasts forever and that's something so amazing about it. I generally keep it in my shower (it's waterproof!) and use it whenever I shower. I love the fact that its material keeps the brush much more sanitary on the skin and helps prevent build-up.

Ever since I've started using the Foreo Luna, my skin has been so much softer. Even before I got on Accutane, there was an instant improvement in my skin in the matter of a few days, both face and chest. I love that every 20 seconds it vibrates as well so that you can swap areas on your face.

Here's what I do: one cheek at a time, forehead, then T-zone. I then turn it off and back on (so that the timer activates again) and do my neck, center of my chest, then the left and right side of my chest. In 2 minutes my skin gets perfectly cleaned.

I absolutely love the Foreo Luna 2 and I can say quite honestly this has been one of the best purchases for my skin. I strongly recommend this purchase for anyone who can. PLUS, remember, if you purchase it from Amazon, you can always return it if it doesn't work out (but I assure you, you'll want to use this every day).


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