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Why You Need Blue Light Glasses

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If you've ever heard of blue light glasses but have not tried them, you may not know of the benefits that come with wearing these. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, sit tight, and learn.

If we're going into the science, blue light is a type of visible light spectrum that has a short wavelength meaning it is a high energy wavelength. Blue light is found in a lot of areas, most commonly talked about today is from the many devices we use, however, the sun contains this wavelength as well.

In the human body, blue light alerts the body that it is daytime by suppressing melatonin and in turn waking up the body. This is also why the use of devices at night can disrupt your sleep schedule. In addition, digital devices can cause eye strain, something I've been experiencing in the last two weeks. Due to the type of wavelength of blue light and it being high-energy, this causes the eyes to not easily focus and when looking at screens a lot and being exposed to blue light every day (which is unlikely to avoid), it can hurt the retina and cause eye strain. The retina is the back portion of the eye that is highly sensitive to the eye. Using glasses that block out blue light can help protect the retina in the long run. New research says that this damage to the retina can also cause vision loss over time.

As I mentioned, I've experienced eye strain for the last two weeks. How it feels is like I have to blink more than normal and in a strange way, it feels like I need to "stretch" my eyes because they feel almost sore. It's truly a hard sensation to describe. I had a pair of blue light glasses when I was younger but never really used them, so I decided to finally start wearing them again. They have helped so much.

On days I wake up automatically feeling like my eyes are "sore", I wear my glasses all day. Other days that are busier or if I'm at one of my jobs at a cafe, wearing glasses is harder. I usually end up wearing my glasses if I have a night class or any time I'm working on my computer later at night, I always wear my glasses. I also notice working on computers at night keeps me feeling energized yet my eyes feel exhausted.

In my opinion, wearing glasses to prevent temporary eye strain, lessen my risk for permanent risks in the future, I will gladly wear my glasses. It's a fix for those who currently experience eye strain and prevention for those who haven't or don't want to damage their eyes in the long-run. The glasses tend to be ever so slightly yellow-tinted in order to cancel out the blue light, however, this tint is barely noticeable.

If you guys are curious about what glasses I have, I found my fav two-pack on Amazon for less than $20 or this pair for $15. The fit is nice as it's not oversized and swallowing my face and not too small that it looks like they're children sizes. Since it has two glasses as well, I keep one in my backpack (for class) at all times and one at home that I can carry with me outside at home if I'd like as well.

I hope I informed you guys of the effects of blue light and that you try a pair for yourself. If you have any more information or experience with these glasses, please comment them down below! I'd love to acquire new knowledge on this topic.

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