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Why and How I Started Blogging

Updated: May 1, 2020

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"Hey Sandy, you have a few blog posts but what made you start blogging?"

Everyone has their own reasons for starting something new but for me, I always thought that having a blog would be a fun and great way to spend my free time. But why did I truly start and what was the process you may ask? Let me give you more insight on me and what the future of this blog holds.

Creating websites has been a fun and random pastime of mine since I was in third grade, about seven or eight years old. I still have access to a few of them and they're so cringy to look at again but it's entertaining and amazing to see my own improvement over time. I have this love of technology, creation, and business, which all come together when I design websites. After years of making dozens of them, I decided during winter break, during my second year of college, to finally create a blog that I'd be able to keep up with over the years and evolve its design and content as I find myself in my own way through life.

I found a lifestyle blog would be the most appropriate for my life and what I like to share. My friends have told me for years that I give great advice, and I enjoy helping others. A lifestyle blog allows me to share my life with my audience, and talk about new experiences (good and bad), along with helpful insight I could have that may be relevant to others.

Upon deciding my blog style, I created a list of possible blog post and it helped me decide the path I want to take with this site and establish what kind of content I want kids to publish. This brainstorming allows me to have a vision for the blog.

The last step I had before designing and publishing the blog was my website name. From the start, I had this vision of a name containing "Centennial", the generation I am born in, also known as Generation Y. The word centennial gives my blog an identity and possible connection to certain people before they even begin reading my content. I couldn't just leave it at that though; I had to decide what else the name would contain. I believe that I'm a strong-minded individual. When I have an idea, I won't stop until I put in all efforts possible. In addition, I'm not scared of possible obstacles that come my way when I start a project. After brainstorming more, my mom proposed "bold", and I immediately loved it.

I'm really excited to have this blog, a place where I can be bold and share my thoughts with the core audience. So thank you to everyone who has been part of it this.

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