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What's in My Gym Bag

Updated: May 1, 2020

It's the new year and one of my resolutions is to continue working hard at the gym, push myself more, go in more frequently, switch up my workouts... anything I can do. Between going from work or class to gym, weight lifting or swimming, I also have to make sure I have my core gym essentials. After a few months, I feel like I've perfected my gym bag... or bags. To be honest, I always have two bags prepped, and I pick one or the other depending on the day. If I am going to the gym with no plans afterward and can head home right after, I will bring my blue drawstring Nike bag. If I have plans immediately after or am doing a swimming sesh which means I'll shower at the gym, I take my Fila duffle bag. So let's start first with the drawstring bag.


These items are very basic as I am just running out the door.

1. I will always bring an extra sweat towel no matter what, just in case I forget my favorite towel. This just helps when I'm a little extra sweaty, or even for helping decrease the pressure on my knees, wrists, or arms when doing exercises at the gym.

2. It's necessary for me to bring some form of salicylic acid- or benzoyl peroxide-based- wipes to wipe my chest and face post-workout. This helps my skin not to absorb the oils after working out before my pores close and get home and wash my face. A little prewash cautionary action which I truly believe has helped a lot. I am testing out these pads as I got them in my Fab Fit Fun box, but I will definitely switch to for acne-prone skin wipes later.

3. Of course, I have to bring my wallet and water bottle too... and the days where I forget either one, I am in big trouble. That's why I like this very thin wallet, keeps my essentials together and easy to throw in my bag and to lock up in my gym locker. For water bottles, I like something on the smaller side as I don't like something heavy at the gym and I want them to fit in all the gym machine cup holders.


Now onto the duffle bag. These duffle bag doubles as my swimming bag and my "I need to shower and get dressed again" bag. For this reason, there's a lot of just-in-case items.

1. As usual, I have my sweat towel, but I also keep a prepped full-size towel for when I shower. I also have a hair wrap which I only use post-gym shower that way I can try to get my hair as dry as possible before leaving the gym and going on with the rest of my day.

2. I usually keep an extra one-piece swimsuit as well because on days I end up being really tired, swimming tends to be my favorite activity. For this reason, swimming tends to be a more last-minute workout idea. Any athletic one piece that ensures I feel comfortable and nothing will slip is the perfect swimsuit for me and I usually alternate between two of them I have. I also have this super-thin towel I love to just wrap around me after I get out of the pool or sauna.

3. With the swimming and showering activities, I always have my goggles and a pair of cheap flip flops on my side mesh pocket. Goggles for a pretty obvious reason... and for those of you who have never showered in a public place, flip flops for sanitary reasons in the shower and from/to the pool.

4. I will also prep a workout outfit at all times, so this is self-explanatory. Generally leggings, socks, sports bra, sneakers, and a short sleeve. Then I need clothes to get dressed again, and I usually try to keep it as close to my original outfit as possible so that I only have to add perhaps a jacket or a long sleeve if I know I will get out of the gym with colder weather and perhaps a new pair of shoes.

5. The last things I have are skincare items and makeup. I keep usually all my makeup samples in bags so I use those samples for post-gym makeup sessions. I also keep face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, and face/body lotion.

This may all seem like a lot, but it helps me stay organized and not stress about forgetting anything. Usually, with this method, the only thing I may forget if I truly failed is one of my two full-size towels, my AirPods (I still hate working out with my wired earbuds), and perhaps my sweat towels... but none of these are the end of the world. Of course, I try to bring my wallet and bottle as well. But that's all!

Let me know what you love to keep in your own workout bag! I like listening to what you all have to say and it might give me new ideas on how to better organize myself!

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