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What is Habit Stacking & Ideas to Start

One of my favorite things is habit stacking. Essentially this means taking things that are already a habit to you or you do without thinking, such as brushing your teeth, doing your skincare, or going to the bathroom, and adding a second habit to the routine. That way if you're struggling to do Habit B, you know that anytime you do Task A, you'll now incorporate Task B. Slowly it becomes second nature like the first task and you can then add on Task C if you choose to.

This method allows you to take advantage of something that is so deeply ingrained in your brain and take advantage of it by incorporating something new that will be equally ingrained in your brain soon enough. But remember to take it slow. Don't start right away by adding 3 new different habit stacking or stacking in 3 new habits because they likely won't stick. Start slow and once you start to do those items without thinking about it, you can start to add more.

I actually love habit stacking and would love to create a whole collection of posts on different things I do to habit stack, how I built each, the advantage of each one, and taking a deeper look into each of them. Some of the things I do now are things that I've struggled to always do until I started to stack my habits, or are some I am trying out. Comment below if you'd be interested!

But in the meantime, here is a list of the things I habit stack and some other ideas of things you could start to incorporate.

Things I do
  1. Brush Teeth -> Squats

  2. Shower water warning up -> Calf raises

  3. Do AM skincare -> Take supplements

  4. Get to work -> Fill up water bottles for the day and take more supplements

  5. Eating breakfast -> Plan out food for the day

  6. Driving -> Listen to a podcast

Other Ideas
  1. Before you go to sleep > Lay out your workout clothes for the next day

  2. Wake up > Drink a glass of water

  3. Get out of bed > Stretch for 2 minutes

  4. Open your curtains > Meditate for 1 minute

  5. Get in bed > Write your to-do list for the next day


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