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What I Eat in A Day

I love knowing what influencers eat in a day, it's fun. I end up learning new recipes, get ideas for my own meals, and love discovering new "diets". I use the term diet loosely as simply the different methods people like to eat or track their foods. So what about me?

I personally count my macros on most days. With that said, I do not just eat chicken and broccoli every day (heck, I hate broccoli!). I eat what I want as long as it fits in my count (40% carbs, 35% protein, 25% fat). So how does a day look like?


I have eaten a slice of this pancake cake every day for the last 4 months. It is delicious, high in protein, fairly low in calories and fat, and I always make my macros work when I eat this in the morning. I eat this before my workouts as well and it perfectly gives me the carbs and protein I need. I randomly created this one night and my whole family have been fans thought 6 of these cakes.

Mid-Day Snack/Lunch

I always drink 2-3 servings of my favorite whey protein shake regardless of the day otherwise I know my macros will be all out of whack the rest of the day. My die-hard favorite has been the Women's Best Chocolate Whey Protein. I have been through 4 of these and have 3 more as backups because I love them so much.


I've started doing an almost daily coffee for the last few months and I have found my all-time favorite coffee recipe. A glass of this and I am content as I have a form of treat and being my own barista is a fun break from whatever I am doing.


My dinners usually include a majority of protein and a vegetable. My most common is probably a pulled chicken burger or some other version of protein + carb and my fav veggies are probably kale chips or crispy okra. Definitely a win.

Midnight Snack

My midnight snacks are usually one of two things (or both!) an apple with cinnamon, cacao, or a sweet mix, or a caprese. They fill me up and make me happy so as a midnight snack, they are perfect instead of indulging in chips or ice cream.

There are definite cheat meals involved too, but most of the time, I eat some version of this.

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