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What I Bought To Keep Me Active, Healthy, and Motivated

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It isn't easy to always be on your A-game when it comes to eating right, staying active, feeling motivated to continue, and just all-around living a healthy lifestyle. Believe me, I know. But there's certain tips and items I've picked up over the last year that have helped me out so much. Now I want to say, of course, there isn't a set way to do things, and no you don't need to spend money on these extra items, but if it helps you and you can, then why not!

Drink Plenty of Water

It is so important for you to drink water. Water helps you keep your body hydrated which in terms gives you so many benefits from giving you more energy, increasing your metabolism, repairing/building muscles, and so much more. The thing is, I have always been horrible with drinking water. The best way I find to drink water is to have just one or two water bottles prepped at the start of the day and you make sure you get through them. I love this half-gallon water bottle I have as you can infuse fruit in it and I recently bought a full gallon that has a straw because I always find it much easier to drink my water mindlessly when I have a straw.

Change Up Your Water

I get so tired of water if I am being honest. Sometimes I just need a little extra motivation to get me through the water-drinking process. That's why I have always loved fruit-infused water. My friend bought me for my birthday a soda stream and I'm obsessed. I have always loved bubbly water and I very often buy San Pellegrino and add some Mio into it or I'll be flavored soda water from Vons. My friend noticed so the soda stream was one of the best things she could have gotten me that I didn't even know I needed. Now I easily make bubbly water whenever I want and add some type of flavor to the water and it gets me to drink a bit more. I get not everyone is into Mio and other flavorings of that sort, and that's totally okay. You can easily infuse fruit as well for a natural alternative. The moral of the story, if you like sparkling water or soda, this could be a game-changer for you.

At-Home Workout Equipment

Depending on where you are in your workout journey, it can be really tough to continue seeing progress without new equipment, especially if you're working out from home. The top 3 purchases I have made over the last few months have been buying fabric non-slip glute bands, resistance bands to replace having plenty of dumbbells, and a jump rope. With these, I have been able to improve my workouts so much and have also been able to add diversity to the exercises done which I love. I have also been dedicated to getting really good at jump rope and it is one of the best forms of cardio you can do, so it's definitely a great thing.

Try Different Workouts

The last thing that is so important is to try different ways of working out and different activities. If you're struggling with getting motivated, you may not have found your best way to get the exercise in. It took me until I found my personal trainer that I truly became motivated and now I am on my own journey to get my personal training certification and I can't wait to help others achieve their own goals through Bold Fitness, my own personal training. But as I said, personal training my be your thing, maybe home workouts keep you motivated, perhaps you just need to get to the gym, maybe swimming is your favorite method of cardio, maybe you'll find your favorite group class, there are so many options out there but you have got to try them and give it a solid effort to see what you love and what sticks.

I've always said if buying an extra water bottle, buying an adorable matching workout set, or any other thing helps you make a healthier habit, then do it. As long as you can afford it, there's no reason you shouldn't be spending a little extra money to help you find what truly makes living a healthier lifestyle easier for you.


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