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My 5 Most Used and Important Apps

Updated: May 1, 2020

iPhone X showing Most Used folder with Robinhood, Mint, Nike Training Club, Acorns, and Apple Podcast Apps

Nowadays, everyone is addicted to technology, especially their smartphones. Mindlessly scrolling through social media, watching YouTube videos, or playing random games has become all too common. Many of us have dozens of apps downloaded, maybe even forgetting what's there. I personally have 271 apps downloaded, however which apps of mine truly serve a purpose in my day-to-day life?

First app I have is my podcast app. I use the Apple podcast app but any app that lets you listen to publish podcast are great. The last few months, I have been listening to podcast when I drive, clean, or a mindlessly doing tasks such as meal planning. I love following health or lifestyle influencers as I find it motivating to improve aspects of my life.

Next up is the Nike Training Club. I use this app almost every time I work out. The Nike Training Club app (or running club for the runners) is a free app that has made working out so much more fun. They're exercises are well-thought-out and the coaches motivate you at all times. I love how there are many collections you can join or you can choose a workout based off of time availability for muscle groups you want to focus on that day. I have made a post documenting the 4-week beginner collection they have, click here to read more!

I've logged my finances since late middle school. I suppose my mindset for business started young. Mint has helped me stay on top of my income and spending for the last three years. The app has made it very easy for me to check my credit score at a quick glance or look at my budgets when I'm out and decide on if my potential next purchase is truly deserved and in budget.

In addition to finances, I am a big saver so I've loved to use Acorns. I indirectly use this every single day, but I log in probably one a week. Acorns lets you roundup your purchases, make one-time or reoccurring deposits, with full customizability, to save money overtime. I made an entire blog post about this and I cannot recommend this enough. If you want to download the app and use my link, we both get $5 back.

On a similar note, I love Robinhood. Robinhood is an app that helps you invest and manage your stocks. The app makes everything easy and streamlined. They help you gather current news articles about the company, live (and after-hours) stock trends, a watchlist for other stocks, and much more. I'm thinking of making full blog post about this app, let me know if you'd be interested! In the meantime, if you use my link, we both get a free stock (you don't need to spend anything to get this stock, so what do you have to lose?!).

These apps are truly ones that I use every single day. I hope you find a new app you'll love. I'd love to know different apps you use as well! Any fitness, health, finance, educational (or other!) apps?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions posted on Bold Centennial are my own genuine and honest thoughts and reviews. The link provided is a personalized link designed to offer my audience a promotion. Based off the affiliate link, my audience and I will receive the same benefit . Thank you!

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