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Must-Listen Podcasts 2020

Updated: May 1, 2020

2019 has been year of being introduced to podcasts and I have since listened the almost every day. Whether you're an avid podcast listener or trying to find a good one to start off with, these are my best recommendations for you to start 2020 right!

1. The Health Code

This podcast was started by YouTuber Sarah’s Day and her boyfriend Kurt. Their dynamic is so cute and they seem like such genuine people. Their focus is similar to Sarah’s YouTube videos, meaning the focus is on fitness and nutrition, however there are a few episodes about relationships, productivity, and other aspects of life. They have interviewed a couple people as well. This podcast is perfect for those who want to balance their lives better, especially to live a healthier life mentally and physically.

2. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

I honestly didn’t think I would get so into this podcast but I’m hooked. Lauryn Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential blog and Michael Bosstick, serial entrepreneur, share tips on not only how to grow a business, but also interview various influencers to get different perspectives Each podcast is about an hour long is based on answering questions from the listeners. The content ranges from business topics such as blog-specific tips, how to reach your audience from your business or platform, and when to launch, to much more. They also cover events on their personal lives from their wedding and weekend getaways, advice on relationships, moving in with your partner, and so many other aspects. This podcast is a great well-rounded podcast. I love that even if you aren’t into their personal lives, their format makes it easy to either skip to the next episode or you can skip to the next question.

3. Adulting

Oenone Forbat is a 20-something podcaster who talks about anything that you might be wondering but are too scared to ask anyone. She interviews many influencers in different fields and covers basis on health, sexuality, love, addiction, trends, and so much more. I’ve learned so much about different topics that many people wouldn’t want to ask others or it is a taboo subject in most cultures. She isn’t afraid to say what she’s feeling or admit to her own misunderstandings and mistakes. She speaks her honest truth and asks just the right questions to understand more about people, various industries, and new topics.

4. The RISE Podcast

The RISE Podcast is hosted by Rachel Hollis and talks most commonly about self-help and lifestyle topics along with business-related topics. With over 100 episodes and interviews in nearly all of them, there is no way you don't acquire bits of new knowledge on every episode. There is something for everyone and hearing from strong leaders in the community helps to find motivation in your own goals and to understand where each person comes from. Rachel Hollis has been hosting conferences as well and I can't wait to see what she has to say this summer!

These four podcasts have truly have been so important to me in the last year. Whether I am working out, driving, or just walking my little fur baby (@mrtjboy), you bet one of these podcasts is playing. Let me know if you begin listening to any of these and what your favorites are!

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