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Jumpstart Your Day : My Morning Routine

Pink alarm clock in morning depicting a jump started day

I have always struggled to wake up in the morning. I absolutely hate alarms... 6am or 10:30am, I am still the wildly sleepy girl. For the last month, I have tried to fix my morning routine to feel more awake, happier, and to jumpstart my morning feeling more positive throughout the day. My mornings are composed of 6 main components, all easy to incorporate in your own routines.

1) This first tip is more so for your nighttime routine (I cheated). I try to go to sleep before midnight; this makes a huge difference in how I feel in the morning, but it isn't easy for me to do with work, school, and staying up late with friends. In addition, the later I stay up repetitively, the more I get used to it. We're working on this slowly...

2) Once I wake up, I workout. I love using the Tone It Up Studio App best due to class variety and the layout being similar to a studio class you can do on your own time. You can even sign up for live classes to connect with friends as well. If know I'm getting more than 7 hours of sleep, working out is not a question, I will do it. Sometimes I sleep terribly and if at 5am I wake up knowing I barely slept, I'll skip my workout. It's all about how you feel and knowing your body. This said, I won't skip my workout that day, I'll just do it in the evening. Finding the balance between sleeping and being realistic to move your butt in the morning is necessary. Despite my lack of being a morning person, I notice when I work out first thing in the day, I feel good and confident later on. This also tends to help me make better decisions throughout the day, whether this be for food choices or my productivity.

3) As soon as I finish working out, or if this was skipped, first thing after I wake up, I start my day drinking Meta D, a recipe from the Tone It Up nutrition plan. Basically it's 1tbsp apple cider vinegar with cinnamon, mixed in a cup of juice, a perfect metabolism booster for the rest of the day. Make sure to check out their own recipe!

4) Next up, I shower or at least wash my face to focus on my skin. I take my skincare very seriously and I feel lazy and gross when I don't wash my face first. I've been struggling with acne the last year and have just recently started seeing improvements so I stay on top of it daily. I spend a good 15 minutes taking care of my skin before heading out the door or going to bed. I will make a post regarding my skincare routine in the future :)

5) Never skip breakfast. I can't reinforce this one enough. I've been eating clean and mostly unprocessed foods for the last month and it's been going well. My most common breakfast options are overnight oatmeals (usually involving chocolate), or banana protein pancakes, my personal favorite. Both of these options are from the Tone It Up plan and can be customized in so many ways between adding fruit, chocolate, almond/peanut butter... It never feels repetitive. Finding your own versions of these recipe are easy well!

6) Lastly, I get dressed and depending on how I'm feeling I'll do my makeup. I try to not use my phone until at least breakfast, excluding and exclusively for the use of my workout app. During this time, I am still in do not disturb mode and therefore do not see any notifications. I know this one is hard to do but doing this eliminates useless morning scrollings through social media instead of starting my day later. If I'm already dressed and ready for plans, I'll likely make some.

This is what I do every morning and I've been feeling great. I would love to know what you guys do each morning or tricks you have that I could incorporate in my own routine.

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