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How to Dye Your Eyebrows at Home

I have always had light eyebrows... I mean I'm a redhead so when the light shines on me, they're essentially gone. In college I used to get my eyebrows dyed professionally, but I never kept it up because it was so expensive and would last a max of 2 weeks. That's when I decided to learn how to do it myself, and I will NEVER go back to doing them professionally.

The great thing about doing it yourself is that you can do it on your own schedule, you can know exactly the color you choose and the time it's been on so you can always go darker or lighter as needed. Over time, I've noticed I prefer to go a little darker than I would like because for the first 2-3 days its a little extra dark, but as long as I have mascara on, I really don't mind it and it ends up lasting longer.

I swear by men's beard dye, specifically Just for Men Beard Dye Easy Comb-In. It's so much cheaper than regular eyebrow dye and I love this one in particular because you can reuse it. I've noticed many are one-time uses. This one also can't get darker than the color you chose which I love because I like to put it on and then wait it out, but if I get suddenly busy with chores, I like being able to just keep it on and not worry about it. I've used this exact method now for around 3 years and I love it every time. So let's go through the steps as today is eyebrow dying day!

The first thing you'll want is your preferred dye, I specifically use the Just for Men one in color A-35. I also highly recommend getting a tiny brow brush. This help you have control of where you're applying the dye and these one seperate the brow hairs nicely so that the dye color can saturate your brows well.

Steps to Dye Brows
  1. First, start off with a clean face. Make sure you have no makeup residue on your brows.

  2. Use your small brush and comb in the dye everywhere. Make sure to saturate the hairs.

  3. Comb from left to right, right to left, and up and down as well.

  4. Leave in brows for your desired length. I recommend starting with 10 or 20 minutes and if you think you want darker, go up to an hour. (Remember, this dye does not allow you to go darker past its formulation so you cnanot overdo it).

  5. If you would like to minimize excess on your skin, wipe around your brows with makeup remover and a Q-tip.

  6. Once done, clean out the dye very well. I recommend hopping in a shower so that you're opening your pores and removing any excess dye from your skin as well.

  7. Enjoy and repeat in a few weeks!


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