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Favorite San Diego Cafes (Boba, Tea, and Coffee)

Cafes are my favorite thing. You can work there, people watch, bring friends and catch up, or just take a great drink to go. I've always loved teas, boba is my guilty pleasure, and iced lattes are my new favorites. To find a good place, they need to offer tasty drinks at a location that has great vibes. I've been trying a lot of new places since I started college and here are my favorites so far, in no particular order.

1. Tapioca Express

This place is always so popular and there's a reason for that. The drinks absolutely delicious and they have a pretty large variety of foods you can snack on while you're there. They have a lot of locations (Convoy, College Area, National City...) so you should be able to find one not too far from you. My absolute favorite is probably the mango green tea with their classic boba.

2. Up2You Cafe

This place is such a gem. They have two locations, one in Convoy and one by Linda Vista. The Convoy location is smaller but has recently been redesigned allowing for more seating. They always have a little game cabinet so it's cute to bring friends or family and enjoy a drink. The one by Linda Vista tends to be quieter and I enjoy working at this location. My favorite drink is their strawberry black tea or caramel latte. They also have one of my favorite boba. This said, if you leave without trying a dessert, it would be almost a crime. I strongly recommend their waffle or brick toast which you can customize in dozens of ways, however there are literally no bad choices here.

3. Cali Banh Mi

This place opened up in Pacific Beach a few years ago and has been one of my favorites by far since their opening. The place gets a little busy during lunch hours or after the local schools end, however, it isn't overwhelming. This is my favorite place to do homework. They have outdoor seating perfect for warm days or when I want my lil dog to tag along. I love their passion fruit green tea. Their Vietnamese iced latte is so delicious too. Their boba add-in isn’t my all-time favorite, however I still order every time so I'd still recommend giving it a try and see what you think of it; either way, I love their coffees and teas even without boba. Doing work here is also great because they have such great food ranging from sandwiches, Cali bowls, acai bowls. salads, spring rolls, and so much more. They also have a lot of little snacks. Spending 5 hours working on my classes and blogging is so easy to do.

4. 85°C Bakery Cafe

This is such a cheap yet delicious bakery with great drinks. Their menu changes out here and there so I used to always order their lemon black tea however since it swapped out for new fruit teas, I’ve been a sucker for their passion fruit green tea. Their iced sea salt caramel coffee is absolutely amazing and was the first coffee I fell in love it. As a new coffee drinker, I was surprised by how fast I loved this drink. They also have dozens of sweet or salty pastries that are usually $1-3. They also have various locations around San Diego, and all the ones I've visited had a good seating area for me to do homework at.


My friend recently showed me this new place that opened about 6 months ago. They have a ton of coffee and tea choices that are absolutely delicious. They have some drinks with tiramisu foam, cheese foam, and matcha foam with plenty of different coffee options as well. They also have milk teas and fruit teas which I love and I can’t wait to try their Japanese fluffy pancakes.

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