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Amazon's Early Black Friday Deals are Here and I Have My Eye on These Items

Amazon's Black Friday Deals is one of the things I look forward to because it's that time you can finally splurge on something you've been contemplating for a while or treat someone to something you love and find it on sale right before the holidays. I've looked through pages upon pages of the deals and here are the items I will be purchasing or re-purchasing as gifts.

Computer Stand

I have one of these computer stands for my home and one at work and I love them. It truly makes spending hours on the computer much more comfortable and if you have a monitor, it helps you have the screens closer to the same level which is also a benefit.

Chair Cushion

If you spend hours on at a desk, you're going to want one of these chair cushion duos. I noticed that I started getting back pain from sitting at work all day and I finally got one of these and it helped so much. I already don't always sit well so I've tried to be more conscious and having these cushions has truly helped me sit not only sit correctly but also have a better posture and relieve some pressure on my back at work.

Car Phone Stand

If you don't already have a phone stand, get one. Especially if you use maps often on your phone, you're going to want one to drive safely. In my car, I also can never make my phone hold if I use a stand that holds in the vents, so having the option to suction to the dashboard is crucial.

Solar Powered Rechargeable Charger

I have always wanted one of these solar-powered rechargeable chargers because when you're on the go, it's so easy to find yourself with low battery, and getting access to the car charger isn't always possible and we all know that takes so long to see a significant charge. These are fantastic too because if you keep it out, you don't even need to remember to charge it because it's solar powered! You bet I am getting one of these this year.

Phone Stabilizer & Tripod

If you are into photography or trying to start taking your content creation to the next level, this phone stand and stabilizer tripod is a no-brainer. This tripod is small and perfect to throw in your bag. It is able to sense faces or movement to move the camera according to the subject you are trying to videotape and can keep the camera stable if you have a shaky hand. This one will be one I will be purchasing for sure as well.

Renpho Smart Scale

If you are starting your fitness journey and looking for a great scale, this is mine and I have loved it for the last 3 years. It pairs with an app on your smartphone and shows various biometric measures so if looking at the scale scares you, I love this scale because it can read my bone mass, muscle mass, water percentage and so much more. This has helped me so much because when I see the scale go up but I notice my body fat percentage go down and my muscle mass go up, I get so excited.

JBL Speaker

If you don't already have a speaker, I urge you to get one. I think everyone should have one really good speaker ready for them at home. Whether you're hanging out with friends and you're wanting to play some music, you're going to a party and someone can't find their speaker or your roommate's speaker dies during game night and you've got yours ready to go (aka us last week), you want one. JBL has a lot of speakers on sale right now at a huge discounted price so make sure to grab yours this holiday!


The last thing I recommend, but by far the least is a Sodastream. I got mine as a present about 2 years ago and I love it so much. I love sparkling water and ever since I got one I make so much of it. Not only can you drink sparkling water, but you can buy various drops to add to the water (SodaStream brand or not), you can make your own sodas with it, or even create sparkling water to use in your at-home cocktails. Over time I have bought more bottles and a few more oxygen tanks so that I can swap them out and refill them in a timely manner but up to you which SodaStream "package" you would like!


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