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Activities To Do When Bored At Home

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

At this point in time, the world is going through some major changes and most of us are stuck on lockdown inside our homes with plenty of free time but little ideas on what to do. I mean not being able to leave your house for activities can be very hard so I want to share some things I have been doing. The good news is you likely have a lot of these supplies or opportunities at home, but if you don't, there's always good ol' Amazon to help you out a bit.

Creative Outlets

I have been loving taking some time to just be mindless and create various art pieces. It doesn't take much and you don't have to be good at art to do it! I like to just use what I have, but I've also been having so much fun that I have been exploring in new areas. So here's what I've been using.

  1. Acrylic Paint - I love painting. I think it's so fun. If you're not good just paint on paper! For this kind of paint, thicker paper is better so that your paper doesn't wrinkle or bleed, but it's just fun! I tend to have a collection of blank canvases and I've already been through 4 of them. It's an entertaining pastime, plus you can have cute new pieces for your house.

  2. Adult Coloring Books - I like this option because you really don't have to be creative. I mean you're not drawing things yourself, you're literally just drawing in between the lines. If you do consider yourself more creative, I like to stick to color schemes or patterns when drawing, but I can literally do this while watching Netflix because it requires little brain energy.

  3. Watercolor - I technically haven't started this yet, but I have supplies being shipped as we speak. I love the look of watercolor art and the fact that I can just easily paint on paper and then collect those or insert them in cute frames is why I was drawn to it. I think it is harder for people to know what to buy when it comes to watercolor, but I just bought some supplies off of Amazon. I have some paint that was highly rated, some mixed-media paper which is thick to prevent that wrinkling or bleeding I was talking about earlier (but especially now that we're incorporating water), and I was a little extra and bought some watercolor pencils that allow you to sketch or add details while merging into the rest of the watercolor art. Plus these pencils are on sale now!

  4. Acrylic Nails - I know you read that and thought I was crazy, but listen. I've always loved to paint my nails. Heck, I have a whole nail polish rack in my room. I also love the look of acrylic nails but I rarely get myself to pay for them because it adds up! Welp, I decided that during this time, I will learn how to do them. I bought all of my items off of Amazon and I've already been successful and I can't wait to see how much I will improve. For now, I can apply acrylic powder pretty seamlessly and not too thick snd I can shape the tips pretty much how I want them. The next goal is to have them last a long time but for now, it's definitely fun for a week or two, I just need to properly prep my nails and that's the learning curve I need to get through. So what you need... and I personally love everything I have. I got an e-file, acrylic powder and monomer (which I happened to find in a cheaper set), the brush to apply it, and I chose to add to the mix a nail prep and primer to remove oils from my nails and stick.

Staying Connected to Friends/Family

Being away from my friends for so long has sucked to be honest, and I know I won't see them for even longer. In fact, I was supposed to be visiting my friend this week. So what have we been doing instead?

  1. Facetime - I have been facetiming my friends literally every day. If one of them is busy, I facetime someone else. Going a day without talking to one of my lovely friends just sucks to say the least. We facetime even when we have nothing to say. I have facetimed them while doing quick grocery runs, painting (paint sesh virtually!), or playing video games. It's like you're together just doing your own thing and I love it.

  2. Netflix Party - Netflix just released a Chrome browser extension that lets you host watch parties. I love this because it allows one person to pause/play or rewind and it will do the same to everyone else's screens so that you're all on track. You also have a chat on the right side which is fun because it means it's like you're at the movies with them except for that you can talk to them without being shushed.

  3. Video Games - You really don't need to be a gamer to have fun playing when you have nothing else to do. My friends and I will log into Sims 4, Club Penguin Rewritten, they've played Toontown Rewritten (my computer had issues downloading it but I used to love the rewritten too), and I know a lot of my friends are playing Animal Crossing as well.

Routine-Based Activities & Other Ideas

I also want to ensure that during this time, I somewhat stick to the routine I had before I was on lockdown. For this reason, I have continued to do the following...


  1. Work Out - Let me tell you, not being able to go to the gym sucks but working out at home is possible and you shouldn't stop your gym performance just because you no longer have the right weights or machines. If you do have small weights, the easiest way to make it harder for you is to increase the reps, shorten the rest time, superset them with something to work out the same muscle groups, and use a glute band if you can! I personally have just 2 sets of 5lbs weights at home and a single 8lb dumbell but I sweat my butt off every time. If you are willing to purchase anything for your workouts. I highly recommend glute bands (these are by far my new favorites since they don't slip). They make your exercises harder and could help you with your form such as while doing squats or glute bridges, win-win.

  2. Blogging and Podcasting - It's no surprise if you keep up with me, but I have continued podcasting every week and have prepped a few blog posts! I do not want to fall behind in my podcasts no matter what so I am still at it. Blogging, on the other hand, I have trouble between work and school to consistently post, but guess what, now I have time to prep some! I have a couple of drafts that I can now continue working on. So if you have some freelancing or hobbies you can do, do it! Don't stop! I know it can be hard, it's been harder for me to be creative being stuck at home all the time, but spend some time brainstorming and make yourself continue regardless of what you're doing.

  3. Go Out on A Walk - Just because we're all on lockdown, you can still go out (at least in my area) as long as you keep your distance from others. So go on a walk, a run, ride your bike, skate, just get out. Parks and beaches might be closed but you can still walk around your neighborhood.

  4. Games - I'm a sucker for card games and board games, so grab your roommates or family and make it a fun game night! Everybody choose their favorite game, play some music, make it fun!

These are only some ideas that I have, but there's so much more and I want to hear about what you've been doing too! Comment them down below so that we can all help each other not be bored.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions posted on Bold Centennial are my own genuine and honest thoughts and reviews. Based off the affiliate link, I will receive a small commission. Thank you!

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