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2020 Amazon favorites

I am obsessed with Amazon. I think I purchase at least an item a week if not more. Over time, I started accumulating my favorite items while others have remained not quite favorites or just straight up returns. So what have been my absolute favorites these last 6 months?

If You're a Coffee Addict...

I love this espresso machine. At a retail price of $85 (on sale now for $65!), it makes great espresso shots quickly. It is very easy to use and the steamer on the side has been so useful. For my at-home baristas or wannabes, this is for you.

Getting a great cup of frothed milk, or better yet, making great foam for your cappuccinos is easy when you have a frothing pitcher. These pitchers make measuring out quantities a non-hassle and testing the right milk temperature is much easier.

If you've never used one of these milk frother/drink mixer, you should. In theory, it is made to just froth your milk, but I use it to mix everything. I mix my collagen and other powders in my water, I use it to mix my Whey in my water, I bet you could even whip your eggs with these. It's so simple, cheap, effective.

For Oral Care...

I recently started using a water flosser and I am obsessed. I will admit to barely flossing before I started getting this. I'd always forget and I found the whole process annoying. I decided if a $42 water flosser got me to floss, so be it. Well, I do now. Plus this has no exterior water tank (all fits on the actual handle), 3 settings, holds a charge for a long time, and just all-around so easy.

If you didn't think you needed to try a new mouthwash, well you're wrong. This mouthwash is amazing. You swish it around in your mouth and it barely has a taste and when you spit, you have just a leftover of mint breath. This means no extreme coldness in your mouth, no extra minty irritation... it's only amazing.

For A New Piece...

Don't tell me you can't rock these shorts. If you're a short-wearer, gym-goer, or pants-only girl (me!), you'll fall in love with these. They are so comfortable, not see-through, a pocket on each side, and a hidden key pocket at the waist. I have these in black and burgundy but you can choose other colors and different lengths!

For Beauty...

I fell into the beauty fridge a few months ago and now I love it. Sure you don't need one, but it makes all of your beauty products feel so good on the skin. Whether you have irritated skin and use the cooled products to soothe the skin, you just woke up and you're puffy, you've had a long day in the sun and you're hot, beauty products from the fridge just feel so good. I guess you can also use this to keep your fav snacks by your desk too!

I started using this a few months ago because I was so over my acne and I didn't think my normal Clarisonic Mia was too sanitary after having it for a few years. This is made of silicone and specifically, the Foreo Luna 3 has various versions made for different skin types. I have even used it on my dry Accutane skin and I love it.

I've heard of pimple stickers but never really understood how they could really work. I still don't know how they work, but I do know they do. When I am starting to get a pimple, I run hot water on it until it starts to open up and then I place one of these on it and it drastically shrinks them overnight. If I am just staying home or doing boring chores out of the house, I may swap it out for a new one during the day and my pimples have never gone away so fast before.

I am adding this pillowcase in because it is so nice. This 100% silk pillowcase is so soft, has plenty of colors to choose from, and is recommended to eliminate hair breakage and slow down aging and wrinkles. Why would you not buy this?

For Fitness Goers...

I love these bands for both the gym and for a home gym. They make any exercise more challenging but they are also great quality, don't roll down, comfortable, and thick. Highly recommend.

For Tech Lovers...

This computer stand is a game-changer. It allows you to work on your laptop at more eye-level which is better for your posture. The way your hands position on the keyboard once on this stand is also much more comfortable and almost feels more natural. This plus if you have a desktop too, it keeps your screens more leveled with each other as well.

If you're thinking of starting a podcast, consistently making video calls, or even a gamer, this microphone is such a great deal. It's fairly cheap for its quality at $60 ($50 right now!) and is bound to get you plenty of compliments.

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