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10 Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit At Home

With the world seemingly being on pause for the last few months, it can be very tough to find the motivation to be healthy and stay fit. The gyms are closed or very limited, the long hours at home means facing the snacks... it's not easy. But, here are my top tips for you.

1. Drink Water

Let me just tell you, I've always sucked at drinking water. I used to drink 16oz a day, IF THAT. It's not healthy and you need to stay hydrated for yourself inside and out. You should be drinking at least half of your bodyweight (weighed in pounds) in ounces. If you weigh 150lbs, you should aim to drink 75oz at the least.

My recommendation? Buy a half-gallon of water, this is my favorite one, and drink at least one of these a day. If you can drink a whole gallon, you've exceeded all expectations.

2. Go Out Into Nature

Take some time for yourself and go out for a walk. It feels so good to start your day, take a break while you work, or end your day with a walk. My favorite is going to these cliffs overlooking the beach and seeing the waves crash at sunset. It's such a beautiful sight. If this isn't possible, I always try to join my mom walking my dog after dinner if I don't have a late shift. Its a break from the day which feels nice.

3. Add Workouts To Your Planner

Whether you're a planner person, a phone calendar gal, or a to-do list addict, add your workout in there! I find that days I don't have my workouts actually listed, I'll either get lazy, debate it, or entirely forget about it. Instead, write it down so that you have it right there and there is no excuse as to why you could not complete your workout.

4. Keep The Snacks Healthy

Expecting to not crave snacks is unrealistic. Even when I eat my very best there are times where I am just craving something a little sweet, a little salty, a piece of chocolate, or some chips. The key is to limit yourself. Prep your snack bowl in advance then don't return to for seconds. Try to sub some of your cravings with fruits or my favorite, bubbly water. Find your own healthier alternatives and keep it controlled!

5. Sleep Well

I cannot stress it enough that you need to sleep well. Not getting the right amount of sleep can be what stops you from being productive, working out, or feeling well in general. Even if your sleep schedule is completely off, I'm talking about going to bed at 3am like me, you should still get your full sleep in. If you can't wake up late to get your full night's sleep, you really need to reconsider your schedule.

6. Incorporate Cardio

Adding some type of cardio in your routine is very important. Whether you choose to run, perform a HIIT workout, or try Tabata workouts (a variation of HIIT), incorporating these a few times a week will keep you healthy and sweaty.

7. Eat Well

I know we all know to eat well, but it can also be easy not to. Incorporate as many vegetables as you can. Limit your sugars and fats. Find an eating style that suits your body and lifestyle. It can definitely take some trial and error but knowing what works for you can help your body so much.

8. Stretch Your Body

Take some time to relax your body. Try and get up once in a while if you're spending your day at a desk to stretch it out. If you love working out, never forget to foam roll either with a roller or even a tennis ball. Perhaps take up yoga if you'd like a more structured "stretch time". All of these ways are amazing to relax your muscles.

9. Maintain Structure

Adding structure to your day when everything around you is so out of the ordinary is crucial. You could spend all day in your PJs and barely move but I can promise you, you won't feel good and the lazy feeling will catch up to you. Try to find a steady morning and nighttime routine. Doing so gets your body going in the AM and relaxing in the PM to add structure. Incorporate a structure to your day with all of the other tips means you're going to have a very productive day.

10. Don't Overwork Yourself

This is another point that is very easy for individuals to forget. Don't overwork yourself, mentally, or physically. If you're ready to start being fit, don't forget your rest days. If you're working hard at your job, don't forget your rest days. If you're restricting yourself on foods, don't forget your rest days. Found a pattern? Don't forget your rest days. You never want to overwork or overdo something. You will likely get tired, bored, or simply feel like you cannot continue on anymore. So take it slow and take the breaks you need.

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